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Dylan Rook Maddix

Conductor | Educator | Trumpeter

Dylan Speaks About Servant Leadership in Music Education on the Pass the Baton Podcast

Had such a great time speaking about Servant Leadership in Music Education on the Pass the Baton Podcast! Huge thanks to Theresa and Kathryn for having me!

Please go follow their very important work. They’re making a difference in music education!!!



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Wind Ensemble
Presents | Only Light

October 21 | 2023

St. John's, NL, Canada

Embark on a radiant journey through the captivating realm of light as the Memorial University Wind Ensemble presents a concert that illuminates the senses. This concert includes compositions by Aaron Perrine, Cait Nishimura, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Alex Shapiro, E.K.R. Hammell and Michael Colgrass. 

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Dylan Presents | Fostering Focus & Intent in Performance

We can play the notes! We can play the rhythms! There’s even a crescendo! Now what? Join Dr. Dylan Rook Maddix, as he gives ideas to get your band playing beyond the notes on the page, improving their musicality through a mindset of focus and intent. 

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Newfoundland & Labrador Music Education Association Conference

October 23 | 2023

St. John's, NL, Canada


Ontario Music Education Association Conference

November 2-4 | 2023

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Dylan & Cait Nishimura Present | Composer, Conductor & Community | Creating a Healthy Musical Ecosystem Through Commissioning


Join composer Cait Nishimura and conductor Dylan Rook Maddix as they break down the barriers to the commissioning process and invite everyone to be involved in meaningful collaborations between conductor, composer, and community. This discussion will explore how commissioning can motivate, connect, and empower your students, and provide an opportunity to contribute to shaping the musical future.


BRP LIVE! With Dr. Gillian MacKay

Hosts of The Band Room Podcast, Dylan Maddix and Cait Nishimura sit down and chat with conductor and Associate Professor of Music of the University of Toronto, Dr. Gillian MacKay!

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All Videos

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