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Dylan Rook Maddix, Conductor


Various papers and articles Dylan has written.

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The Servant Conductor:
A Case Study Examining Servant Leadership Characteristics in Large Ensemble Conductors
DMA Dissertation


Servant leadership is a philosophy founded by Robert K. Greenleaf. It emphasizes the leader's responsibility to serve and empower their followers rather than the leader's authority or control over them. While this approach has been widely studied in various organizational settings, its application to the area of music, specifically large ensemble conducting, remains relatively underexplored.


As part of this case study, I interviewed six conductors of large ensembles whose groups perform at a high level, but who also place a premium on the needs, happiness, and empowerment of the musicians in their groups. At the same time, I surveyed published literature on the topics of conductor leadership philosophy in North America and servant-leadership principles, specifically the work of Robert K. Greenleaf.


This study has brought to light many positive aspects of servant leadership. We also identify some challenges institutions/structures in general create that make servant leadership challenging. Based on the responses participants gave, we can begin to see there is the possibility of serving our ensemble members, giving them agency in rehearsals to be artists, achieve high standards, and help everyone grow as people beyond their musical development.

Read full document here.


Building Community and Educating through Podcasting
Canadian Winds Journal


The past two and a half years have tested us as educators, pushed us to our limits, and made many of us question whether things will ever be “back to normal”. Yet, we have persevered, finding creative ways to inspire and connect with our fellow musicians: multitrack recording projects, Zoom rehearsals, guest speakers, and, specific to this article, podcasts. Although they have been around for a while, podcasts have emerged as one of the mediums leading a technological infusion in the band room. In this article, I discuss how podcasting in the classroom/band room can encourage engagement, increase accessibility, and build community. I also provide an overview on how to get started on your own podcast journey.

Read full article here.

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