What is the Band Room?

Welcome to The Band Room! A podcast bringing you the best of band.  The podcast will explore everything band, conducting, music education and performance. Listen to the some of the greatest works for winds and have your ears opened to the new and exciting!

If that’s not enough, Dylan will be interviewing the movers and shakers of the wind world, conductors, composers, teachers and performers. So come on in and take a seat in The Band Room!

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Sept 1st, 2017 @ 10AM UTC

Don't Mess With Texas

This episode is dedicated to all Band Room listeners in the great band state of Texas. Join Dylan in an episode entitled, Don't Mess With Texas, as he explores wind music of Texas, with works by Kevin Puts, Scott McAllister and Donald Grantham. Featuring the Baylor University Wind Ensemble with Dr. Eric Wilson, Michigan State University Wind Symphony with Dr. Kevin Stedatole & The University of Texas Wind Ensemble with Jerry Junkin.


See below to find out where you can donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Let's help our band geeks to the south, when they need it most.


Big thanks to Mark Records for the use of the recordings used on today's episode. Come back next week when Dr. Gillian MacKay from the University of Toronto will be joining us, as we talk about Being the Best Musician You Can Be | A Conductor's Perspective.

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