Episode 10

Fostering Focus & Intent

DURATION - 40:00


Dylan is going solo amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Your band can play the notes! Your band can play the rhythms! There’s even a crescendo! Now what? Join Dylan as he gives ideas to get your band playing beyond the notes on the page, improving their musicality through a mindset of focus and intent. This episode begins our new featured composer segment, this month featuring EKR Hammell.

Episode 10

Linda Wharton


Guest | Linda Wharton, Award Winning Music Educator and Lecturer at Western University

DURATION - 44:30

First episode of 2020! Join Dylan as he and Linda Wharton discuss growing up in London, Ontario, attending Western University, teaching at Central Secondary School, adjudicating, how music helped through trying times and coming full circle now teaching at Western University. 

Episode 9

Jason Caslor


Guest | Dr. Jason Caslor, Director of Wind Ensembles, Arizona State University

DURATION - 42:30

We welcome Director of Wind Ensembles at Arizona State University, Dr. Jason Caslor to the Band Room Podcast! Join Dylan as he and Jason discuss his formative years growing up in Saskatchewan, his time at University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba and Arizona State University, studying with Dale Lonis and Gary Hill, his time with the Thunder Bay Symphony, Memorial University and how he made his way back to Arizona.

Episode 8

Sharon Fitzsimmins


Guest | Sharon Fitzsimmins, Award Winning Music Educator and Chair of the Concert Band Division of Music Fest Canada

DURATION - 45:26

Join Dylan as he and Sharon Fitzsimmins discuss her formative years, rebuilding a band program, her involvement in the OMEA, what adjudicators are looking for, involvement with Music Fest Canada and many words of wisdom for music educators.

Episode 7

Cait Nishimura


Guest | Cait Nishimura, Composer

DURATION - 1:03 

Season 2 has begun! We welcome composer Cait Nishimura to the Band Room Podcast! Join Dylan and Cait as they discuss her formative years, finding her path as a musician, her compositional process, fighting self-doubt and why she does what she does.

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